Why Muslims should adopt entrepreneurship?

Why Muslims should adopt entrepreneurship?

Why Muslims should adopt entrepreneurship?

In recent days Muslims are nit that much stronger as they used to be. It is the high time to know, why Muslims should adopt entrepreneurship?

Assalamu Alaikum, every single one of us knows that Money is the highest materialistic thing in this earth. Why western have more influences than us? It is surely because they have more money.
With money they can produce weapons, invent technologies and many more things. Now let’s explore the answer of the question: Why Muslims should adopt entrepreneurship?

I think, none of you will disagree with my opinion.

Now in order to have money we have to search for rizk, we have to create our own rizk. By doing that we can provide more zakat, can help more of our brothers and families.

For this we have to adopt entrepreneurship because A job can’t make you rich.

Here are some websites to look for entrepreneurship updates, news, how to and guides so that you can be updated about entrepreneurship world.

Here are the links:


Pardon my errors if I did any. May Allah give barakah in your rizk.

Amr ibn al-‘As reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, sent for me and he ordered me to put on my armor and weapons, then come to him. I did so and came to him while he was performing ablution. The Prophet raised his eyes to me, then lowered them and he said, “O ‘Amr, I intend to send you at the head of an army and Allah will award you with spoils. I will give you an appropriate portion of the property.” ‘Amr said, “I did not embrace Islam in hopes of earning spoils, but rather I submitted in hopes of Islam and to be with the Messenger of Allah.” The Prophet said, “O ‘Amr, lawful wealth is excellent for a righteous man.”

So I guess now you know why Muslims should adopt entrepreneurship?

Source: al-Adab al-Mufrad 297 

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Tahmid Islam
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