International Students Exchange: Advantages, disadvantages and my opinion

International Students Exchange: Advantages, disadvantages and my opinion


International students exchange is growing nowadays. Many experts are considering it as a positive development where some are against it. Let’s discuss.

Along with the development of science and technology the world is being connected. International students exchange is an example of it which is growing nowadays. It has both proponents and opponents, however, I would take the side of advantages and this essay shall present my opinion.

To start with the merits, adolescene is considered considered as the best time of lo learning.

No doubt that school students have the time and sharp brain to explore and gather knowledge. Moreover, learning about different culture and language has own it’s benefits in the long run. For instance, one of my cousin went to Scotland years ago and now he knowledge than me in almost every field.Also, exchanging students can have a pretty respective contribution in the economy.

On the other hand, demerits are countable in fingers but they exists. Like, teenagers are vulnerable when it comes to maturity. They will definitely find hard the immigration process. What’s more, Brain drain is major issue of concern that is created by international students exchange. One of my brother went to Ireland. and he never came back.

To recapitulate, the advantages of international student exchange outweigh disadvantages in an undisputed way and the trend should go on.

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