Quick Solution for Muslims to boost your mental health

Quick Solution for Muslims to boost your mental health


Nowadays many Muslims are heading towards depression, anxiety and sadness. This post talks about how to boost your mental health.

  • Read more Quran⁃
  • Get your Salah done early⁃
  • Hit the gym ⁃
  • Reduce screen time (esp b4 bed)
  • Talk to someone about your stress
  • Get sunlight
  • Drink more water –
  • Eat whole foods
  • Don’t skip morning /evening Dhikr

✅ When it comes to reading Qur’ān I recommend reciting out loud as this allows the ears and eyes to benefit from the Words of Allāh. It also helps slow you down and trigger reflections.

✅ When is comes to hitting the gym, exposure to sunlight & water intake, we need to appreciate that a healthy body creates a healthy mind. It decreases stress which allows your mental health to improve. The Prophet ﷺ said “The strong believer is better than the weak one”.

✅ Praying when the Salah window is about to close is a stressful situation. It makes you feel like you just need to get rid of a burden. Salah is a gift from Allāh that helps us stay connected to Him. When done right it elevates the person from the worries of this life.

✅ Talking to someone about your problems is important. Shurah (consultation) is from the Sunnah. The Prophet ﷺ had Abu Bakr— best friends from the age of 15! Seeking advice does not mean you don’t have tawakkul in Allāh.

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Tahmid Islam
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