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About Tahmid Islam

Tahmid Islam (1999-Present) is a Bangladeshi Entrepreneur, Author, Activist ,Content creator and Podcaster. 


Tahmid Islam was born in Moulvibazar, Sylhet ( 09 November, 1999). From his adolescence he wanted to be an entrepreneur. He was influenced by many entrepreneurs and he decided to follow them up with a vision to be wealthy as well as making youngsters of Bangladesh  wealthy. 

In 2019, when the pandemic started, his education stopped and he had to be tucked in house because of the COVID19. The whole world was going through a financial crisis as well as his family also. At that time he understood the value of money and he found his aim in life. In Bangladesh, earning money, entrepreneurship and these sort of things are not seen a positive, and his goal is to change the perspective. He has published three entrepreneurial books till now and will publish more. He hosts a podcast named “Let’s talk business and Productivity” where he talks basics about business and how to be productive and these sort of things. 



  • Startouch Digital: Startouch Digital is a one stop digital service agency. Service includes Digital Marketing, Brand Promoting, Brand Consultation, Search Engine Optimization, Content Writing, Graphics and Animation, Web design and development, Application Design and development , Software troubleshooting and many more.
  • Know Space Tourism: This business is not in revenue and he is not even rushing for it. Space Tourism Industry is booming and he started this blog as a niche business with a long-term view.
  • Entrepreneurship Wave: This website is not actually made to make profits, instead it was made to help entrepreneurs with knowledge, organized information and how to guide.

Besides, he also creates Video Contents and Acts in them too. The journey of his Youtube Channel and podcast had started for the purpose of encouraging younger to adopt entrepreneurship. There he always works on his own scripts.


  • RexForex : He worked there in the last of 2019 as a content writer to gain some experience .
  • 1xCodes: This company is a web design agency and he worked there as a content writer in 2020.
  • IT Doctor: In 2021, he also worked in IT Doctor as an consultant and SEO manager.


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